We are the maintainers of the most popular open source library ever for accessing IndexedDB. It has over 10,000 stars on Github and used by well known apps and brands including Whatsapp, Loom, Microsoft To Do, Flightradar24, Walmart, Postman, Wire + tens of thousands other web sites, libraries and apps.

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Dexie Cloud

This is our flagship product that completes Dexie.js by taking care of all the complexity around data synchronization, authentication and access permissions. It makes it easier to build apps, offloads the network and improves the user experience. Dexie Cloud is available either as installable software or cloud service.

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Our Services

With passion for end-user experiences, smartness and usability, we and our partners love to help you realise your great ideas into concrete applications ready to ship to your users. When we're not developing Dexie.js or Dexie Cloud, we help our customers be successful with their great apps.

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