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Welcome to Dexie Cloud, a cutting-edge software solution meticulously crafted by Awarica for app developers seeking optimal performance in challenging network conditions. Developed as an extension to the widely used Dexie.js software library—an open-source project initiated and driven by Awarica — Dexie Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for data storage and synchronization.

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Key Features

Data Storage

Dexie Cloud offers an all-encompassing solution for data storage, providing developers with the tools needed to manage and store data efficiently.

Data Synchronization

Elevate your app's user experience by effortlessly synchronizing data between the client and server. Stay connected seamlessly, free from the frustration of delays or discrepancies.

Offline Reliability

Dexie Cloud enables your applications to operate flawlessly in offline mode, ensuring users can access crucial features without interruption, maintaining a consistently smooth and up-to-date interaction


Additional Benefits

Enhanced User Experience

We prioritize the importance of a seamless user experience, guaranteeing a smooth journey for your users, regardless of network quality.

Enhanced Compatibility

Dexie Cloud is built entirely on web technology, allowing your app to be deployed seamlessly across web, desktop, and mobile platforms using a single codebase. With Dexie Cloud, achieve unparalleled compatibility, enabling your application to reach users across various devices while maintaining a consistent and efficient user experience.

Safety and Security

Dexie Cloud prioritizes the protection of your data in the cloud. Utilizing authentication and authorization, we prohibit unauthorized access and implement robust backup measures, ensuring the safety and security of your valuable information.

Why Dexie Cloud?

In today's dynamic digital landscape, Dexie Cloud stands out as the go-to solution for developers who prioritize speed, reliability, and a superior user experience. When your apps need to perform flawlessly in all situations, including shaky and poor networks, Dexie Cloud is the answer. Experience the Future of App Development with Dexie Cloud.

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